The Algotherium is a woman led, fully on-chain PFP collection where the rarity is influenced by you. The Algotherium knows all about your NFT degeneracy. All your wins, All your losses. That time you minted Pixelmon Kevin, or when you spent your rent money on a jpeg. Take the test now and reveal your MetàMe.

On the wrong side of town, in a dingy alley, where people lock their doors twice and don’t stay out at night, there is a shop. A shop where pixels roam free and digital animals come alive. The Algotherium. A portal to the Metaverse. Inside this store waits a robot. Tell him your story. Show him your NFTs. And he’ll create your MetàMe, your soul on the blockchain.

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Social Proof

My MetàMe looks just like me!

- Blind person

NFT version of Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

- Not Rose

Someone of my importance deserves this.

- Twitter user42069

This is the greatest discovery ever

- N.Tesla

Everyone’s favorite NFT

- Nobody

Bigger than Bored Apes

- Gary V about something else

Before I used the Algotherium, I was lost and directionless. Now that I know I’m a degen, my life has meaning.

- a Pudgy Penguin (maybe)

Bigger than all the others

- "She"


PersoNalFTy test

Answer 10 personality questions below to get your custom on-chain MetàMe

How much of your rent money did you spend on NFTs last year?

When someone I don't know sends me a dodgy link, I instinctively:

What is your star sign?

Your favourite influencer just rugged you and ran off with the cash. What was the colour of the rug?

My gender is:

You quit your job to focus on NFTs because:

Your Mother is calling you crying, asking why you didn't attend Mema's funeral. Your answer:

True or False: Your hidden folder on Opensea is larger than your NFT collection

Prefered weapon?

Your Web3 significant other wants to meet in decentraland because they have 'something to tell you.' What did they say?

Your Houseplant dies. What was the cause?